"De linguas diferentes, and yet we are one!" Beira International School is proud to be a multi-cultural school where no child feels like the odd one out.

Our School

Welcome to Beira International School (BIS). We are very pleased to have the chance to provide learning opportunities for your child. We strive for a challenging, learning and yet family-oriented environment. We work to create a foundation of academic excellence for children planning to continue their education in other education systems where English is the language of instruction, whether transfering or moving on to institutions of Higher learning.

For many parents their involvement with the school will be a new experience, you will find times when we are quite different from other schools. Please, at any time feel free to ask questions for clarificarion.

It is always helpful to the administration to hear your concerns and suggestions as it makes the school's job easier in addressing the needs and desires of the community in and around our school.

The Administration

BIS school administration is the body that runs the daily affairs of the school.
The following people make up BIS administration:

School Director:
Sonja Quincey
Pedagogical Director:
Hellen Munjoma
Activities Coordinator:
Maria (Marica) Kruger
Office Manager:
Priscilla Guesi
Cambridge Examination Officer:
Oliver Mutenga

Board of Governors

Ten people form the current board:

Interim Chairman:
Mr. Jorge Ucucho
Financial Director:
Mr. Isac Noor
Mr. Jan de Vries
Mr. Brent Quincey
Mr. Elton Nthinda
Mr. Danilo Avice
Mrs. Carla Lopes
Mr. Muhamman Rafick
Mrs. Alexandra Gomes
Mrs. Raquel Almeida