Primary School /

BIS follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum. As of November 2014 BIS is a registered International Cambridge School.
Our Primary School comprizes the crèche as well as Stages 00 to 6. We use the Cambridge Primary Curriculum as the basis of our primary education as well as other supporting materials.


Children who are 3 years old join our crèche. The crèche is committed to providing the best care possible to your child in an interesting, stimulating and secure environment. We offer a programme of structured and guided play for each child. The morning activities include both indoor and outdoor play. These involve home, corner play, puzzles, chalk board work, singing, story time, arts and craft, dance, bean bags and a variety of games. Children also use a child friendly playground where they are supervised.

At 10h00 the children have a snack break, which is provided for each child by their parents. Through the interaction children have with their peers, they learn to be considerate and kind to each other and at the same time learn to have fun and appreciate those around them.

English is the main language spoken at the crèche, and each child is helped and encouraged in the use of this language. Parents who can speak English are also encouraged to use it with their children both before and during their time at the crèche. This will help them settle in there quicker.

Stage 00 (Zero Zero)

Four year olds would join our Stage 00. This is a play-based class with a more structured academic programme focusing more on fine and gross motor skills, preparing them for integration into Stage 0 (Zero).

Stage 0 (Zero)

Children 4 turning 5 before the end of October. This is our reception class. It follows a program designed by the school and its teachers with the aid of the Cambridge syllabus to ensure that they learn through play. The children's day is scheduled to allow for structured play times, songs, games, creative work, and academic work.

It is planned to give the children the chance to prepare for our Stage 1 classes and to begin to learn the basics of counting, patterns, shapes, colours, letters, letter formation, sounding, and social roles.

Stages 1 to 6

The children's academic day includes, but is not limited to, 3 main core areas of study, namely: English Language, Mathematics, and Science. These are guided by the Cambridge syllabus.

Over and above the Cambridge requirements our children at this level are exposed to a combination of History and Geography (Social Studies). They have art classes, computer classes, library time, P.E. and interactive social time. From stage 4 the children attend Portuguese classes too. This structure allows our children to be rounded students and to be better prepared for their next level of Cambridge education.

Most of our double-streamed classes are in this stage group.