• Students and teachers during assembly.

  • Our school principal and some Check Point students take a break from break for pictures.

  • Crèche students in the middle of a lesson.

  • Drop off time. Parent take their children through the main entrance to the school building.

  • Biology practical in our science lab.

  • A secondary school lesson in progress.

  • Beira International School Children Representing Clube Náuticos in the Mozambican National Swimming Championships.

  • Sports day. One more athletics discipline.

Beira International School

Inspiring Excellence!

Latest Updates

May / June 2018 Cambridge Examinations

Registrations for Examinations are now open and close on the 7th of February. Please contact the Examination Officer for more information.

Parents' Meet-up 19th January

This will be our first social event for this year. It will be an opportunity for parents and guardians of BIS to meet other parents and/or guardians as well as your child(ren)'s teachers

CIE Examinations' Results

Sometime during the month of January Oct/Nov examinations' results will be out. We urge all candidates or guardians to contact the examinations officer for further information.

Care & Share Week

From the 12th to the 16 of February all of the BIS community will have an opportunity to contribute towards helping the least priviledged in Beira community.

A Look into Life at BIS


Our crèche children are free to experience learning through play and acquire basic motor and fine skills as they get introduced to the alphabet and numeracy...


Within this beautiful environment, our children are free to experience learning through play and prepare for integration into more formal learning following a purposefully designed programme...


Our Primary School provides an integrated education model serving children from their elementary education through the transition to high school...


Our Secondary school prepares university-bound students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in their tertiary education or choose other post-secondary career paths...


"Myself and Mark went to have a meeting with our son's Maths teacher and head of year. We went through his grades (which are not bad at all but we want him to do better) and are trying to understand if his difficulties we based on his foundations and having had to jump a school year with his transition from BIPS to the UK. We also wanted clarification on his subjects from his IGCSE...Well, Maths teacher has been assessing him and to our surprise he his getting almost 100% on his foundations (year 7) of which we can only say and praise BIPS for the good teaching on Maths that put him in a good start and helped him to have really good grades even though he missed 6 months with his move here."
So a big well done to Oliver Mutenga and to BIPS. I am sure that this (email) will contribute for some reassurance of the quality of teaching that can happen at BIPS.
Well done!
C. Johnson.

"I would like to say thank you for all you have done for my children. They have very good results in all subjects at school here in South Africa. My daughter has received a Principal award for one of the best students in her Grade 6. This is a result of your effort at Beira International School and I would like to share the award with your staff."
S. Ismail

"It has been a privilege for my daughter to attend BIS for the last 18 months. We will always be grateful for the school’s nurturing environment and excellent education standards."
M. Sharif